Hi there, my name is Morgan

Survey Technician, commenced 2013

Land Surveys has changed a fair bit from when I started, and so has my job role. I started as a Survey Assistant and I’m now working as a Survey Technician at my current project. Although, as I’m still learning the job involves a bit of everything – it’s really hands-on which I love.

As an Assistant you work with a lot of different Surveyors, and they all teach you their unique ways on how they carry out their survey tasks for the day. It’s a different job every day, a different site every day. I can be with a Licensed Surveyor one day and we can be working on sub-divisions, putting in boundary pegs, doing level runs; and then the next day I can be with an Engineering Surveyor and we can be working on a high-rise job in the city knocking nails into concrete, and marking up wet areas with paint pens.

I’ve made some great friends working at Land Surveys. The company is great and the people I work with are great. They have always given me opportunities and have always backed me with whatever I have wanted to do. I have worked in Perth, in Melbourne, and am currently doing FIFO in WA – the job site is about three hours into bush area from Newman. Once this project finishes, I’ll be relocating to Sydney. I was offered the choice of Sydney or Perth, and as I have lived in Perth for ten years now, I chose Sydney to experience something different.

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