3D Reality Capture

Terrestrial scanning

Our Terrestrial Laser Scanning service delivers a safer, faster and more cost-effective alternative to traditional measurement techniques. This makes it ideally suited to complex environments, in particular plant facilities. This technology eliminates the need for surveyors to physically access hazardous areas and significantly reduces their on-site time, shutdowns and equipment costs. Terrestrial scanning applications range from infrastructure and mining to engineering, construction  and plant projects. The high-resolution 3D images we generate facilitate terrain mapping and thereby allowing for early detection of issues. And this alone, ultimately saves time and costs across  a project’s lifecycle.

Tunnel scanning

Intellispatial’s Tunnel Scanning service transforms underground tunnel inspection and documentation, replacing time-consuming manual methods with state-of-the-art technology. By utilising LiDAR and high-resolution cameras, we create highly detailed 3D models of tunnel surfaces, capturing data at speeds of up to 80km per hour. This innovation delivers benefits including minimal tunnel closures, efficient inspection  and precise mapping of tunnel components and defects. The 3D virtual environment we create enables accurate record-keeping and change detection over time. This makes  it a valuable tool for construction, geological mapping, as-built documentation, asset management and additional client applications.

Mobile laser scanning & mapping systems

Mobile Laser Scanning & Mapping Systems comprise an advanced solution for geospatial data collection from moving vehicles, equipped with integrated sensors such as GNSS, LiDAR, and IMU. This technology captures detailed data including point clouds and georeferenced imagery as vehicles traverse infrastructure corridors, roads, railways and powerlines. The advantages of mobile mapping are diverse and range from feasibility assessment and design analysis to asset management and detailed imagery. Land Surveys specialises in exclusive capture solutions, ensuring the highest quality, accuracy and speed in data collection.

Unmanned aerial surveys (UAS)

Unmanned Aerial Surveys (UAS) use drones equipped with various sensors, including RGB and LiDAR payloads, to capture aerial data. Land Surveys, with a history of UAS use since 2011, provides Australian projects and businesses with efficient aerial surveys and allied services. They prioritise safety and compliance. Survey data can be processed quickly, allowing for same-day or one-day turnaround times. UAS technology enables data acquisition in hard-to-reach areas, significantly reduces survey costs and provides detailed, high-resolution data in various formats that collectively ensure safety and efficiency in surveying operations.

UAV inspection services

UAV Inspection Services provide an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for inspecting tall, inaccessible, or large-scale assets and infrastructure. This removes any  need for personnel to work in hazardous or hard-to-reach locations. UAVs equipped with high-resolution cameras and thermal sensors capture data with precision and can be employed for a range of applications:  roof inspections,  assessing bridges, towers and internal structures such as  tanks and tunnels. These inspections readily provide unparalleled benefits  including enhanced safety, reduced costs, faster data capture times and greater data quality.

Manned aerial surveys

As the title suggests, Manned Aerial Surveys acquire geospatial data from manned aircraft, fixed-wing aircraft and balloons, utilising diverse sensors such as LiDAR, photographic, thermal and bathymetric sensors. Land Surveys in partnership with IntelliSpatial utilises manned aerial surveys to capture detailed geospatial data across large areas. They consider factors covering mission requirements, airspace restrictions and sensor parameters. The resultant surveys are beneficial for covering vast areas efficiently, and they can carry precise survey equipment which  makes them ideal for large-scale projects. Manned aircraft can accurately collect extensive volumes of data  and are exempt from certain airspace restrictions, providing a versatile solution for vital data acquisition.

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