Mining Services

At Land Surveys, our experienced mine surveyors and survey technicians use leading technology and a suite of complementary skills to deliver successful mine surveying solutions, above and below ground. We have what it takes to ensure you always have the mine services you need to move your operations forward.

Our extensive mining and geophysical surveying background and experience, from exploration through to closure, means we have an in-depth knowledge of green and brownfields projects. Our team is experienced in all mining commodities and all mining techniques across the board.

We can undertake the complete management and resourcing of entire mine site survey offices. Alternatively, we can provide experienced mining surveyors at competitive rates to complement your staff surveyors.

Throughout the past 20 years, we have learnt a lot of different ways to optimise and streamline processes – making things faster, more coherent, and safer.

Want to find out more about our geophysical surveys and mine surveying solutions? Get in touch with us at Land Surveys today to see what we can do to help you with your project.

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