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Are you looking for a specialist land surveyor who places an emphasis on engineering, mining, aerial, spatial data surveys and concrete scanning services? If you are, our Land Surveys team in Sydney are here to help.

Surveying is the process of examining a space and/or features of a piece of land. A surveyor’s job is to record a detailed description of the findings, so a map or plan can be constructed. Our team of surveyors in Sydney can take precise measurements to determine property boundaries, update boundary lines, and prepare the space or land for construction. The process is done through the use of various equipment, depending on the type of surveying works required. This can include works such as a total station, a digital level, a GPS rover, a mobile laser scanning unit or an unmanned aerial vehicle which is commonly known as a drone.

As one of the leading surveying companies in Sydney, our surveyors provide professional surveying services on every project. With over 20 years of industry experience, our breadth of knowledge allows us to assist clients with a wide range of survey solutions.

Our team of land surveyors in Sydney will save you time and will always provide you with the most cost-effective solutions. Whether a job is large or small, get in touch with us at Land Surveys today to see what we can do for you.

Sydney Office

Unit 8, 3 Gibbes Street
NSW 2067

(02) 9439 6925

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Land Surveys

Established in 1997, Land Surveys has continued to grow and expand as one of the best surveying companies in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia and overseas.


National Experience

Country Title Qualification
UK Setting Out Engineer or Land Surveyor 4 Year Survey/Mapping/Science Degree
Romania Surveyor 4 Year Science/Geomatics Bachelor
Lithuania Surveyor Bachelor of Measurement Engineering
Poland Surveyor MSc Engineering Surveyor, University of Agriculture, Krakow
Vietnam Surveyor Bachelor of Engineering - Civil Engineering (Surveying and Mapping)