Hi there, my name is Jason

Victorian Operations Manager, commenced 2008

I like the culture at Land Surveys, it’s a family atmosphere. There’s plenty of acknowledgement in the business, and there’s always someone you can call if you get stuck. It doesn’t matter what job it is, what discipline of surveying, the boys have got the solution in-house – there is always someone to call.

I started as an Engineering Surveyor out in the field, on a project in the Pilbara, in WA, and that developed into Survey Manager on-site. Further to that I moved to the Northern Territory and became the Northern Territory Operations Manager in charge of the Inpex project with 85 surveyors. More recently I made the move back to Melbourne, which is my home-town, and I am now in charge of Victorian Operations.

My key responsibilities are maintaining client relationships, ensuring we are delivering the highest standards that is expected within Land Surveys, and just ensuring the guys have the support in the field, and the equipment to do their job.

My interest in surveying is continuously stimulated as we are always pushing the boundary of new technology within the industry with UAVs, scanning, etc; and the job is a good blend of being indoor and outdoor.

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