Hi there, my name is Paul

East Coast Manager, commenced 2014

I joined Land Surveys initially as the New South Wales Manager, and was later promoted to East Coast Manager – managing the Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria divisions. My main responsibility is the general management of the three east coast divisions, with the Operations Managers in each state reporting to myself.

I love the diversity of being in such a large organisation. I love travelling around to the other offices and meeting people in the different states – where we operate in those states.

I enjoy the interaction with people, and I love being successful – seeing the numbers at the end of the month. I like being part of the senior management team, we all seem to get on pretty well. Everyone works hard, and then there’s also time to relax as well. The outdoor lifestyle is a major reason for choosing surveying as a career. If you love the outdoors, surveying as a career would definitely give you that opportunity.

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