Hi there, my name is Alan

West Coast Manager, commenced 2000

I started at Land Surveys when there was only four of us, as a Junior Surveyor/Survey Technician, and then went through the ranks of Engineering Surveyor, Senior Surveyor, Surveyor Coordinator, Branch Manager, and now West Coast Manager. Land Surveys now has more than 200 staff members, and I’m in the senior management team with nine direct reports to myself. I look after profit and loss for the west coast – Western Australia and the Northern Territory – and as part of that there are a few divisions including offices in regional WA.

I’ve had reasonably steady growth with my position, commencing as a field surveyor, and now my role entailing more of people management – so it has always interested me. I like the dynamics of the company and how it is continuously doing something different. I’ve got a pretty good team. I’ve got good, experienced and culturally aligned people, who make my job good.

I enjoyed surveying when I was out in the field, and now I enjoy the development of the business – pushing the business further and being a part of how it develops.

If you’re considering a career in surveying it will be very diverse – it’s very much 50/50 time on-site and then in-office. You measure and collect data on-site, then you process it and produce reports in-office. If you like mathematics and problem solving, then surveying is a very good vocation for you.

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