Hi there, my name is Drew

Surveyor, commenced 2014

In my time working at Land Surveys there has always been a variety of work such as Structural Mechanical and Piping, Rail, and Tunnelling projects. I’ve gone from working on multiple short-term projects, to presently working on a more long-term project.

What I enjoy most about my job is people interaction, both with staff and management, and clients. I also enjoy doing different tasks from day-to-day, and getting the opportunity to work on different surveying areas, in different locations.

While I manage a team of approximately six people, they are a great group of people so it doesn’t require much management. My team and I approach every job with a can-do attitude, and clients can be assured of the depth of knowledge and breadth of resources you get from Land Surveys.

Choosing a career in surveying has given me an indoor and outdoor work balance, a field balance, and a transferable skills set.

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