Hi there, my name is Mitch

Project Coordinator National Operations, commenced 2007

I started work at Land Surveys as an Engineering Surveyor undertaking FIFO. It was boom time in WA so there was lots of opportunity for career progression. I did FIFO for nine years and following that I was able to go into a new role straight away at Land Surveys.

I am currently office based as Project Coordinator which is fairly broad. My key responsibilities are tech support, operations support, and equipment logistics. I offer tech support for all our offices Australia-wide and for our PNG office. If something goes wrong with the equipment the guys have out in the field, I get a phone call. It can also be software tech support that is required which is processing of the data. The equipment logistics side of things involves testing the equipment for the Surveyors prior to the project commencing.

I studied Engineering Mine Surveying. I love the diversity my job at Land Surveys gives me, and I love helping the guys. I enjoy the crew that I work with – always have. It has probably been a contributor to staying at Land Surveys and as the company grows, that seems to maintain – the enjoyment of the work crew.

Land Surveys also allows me flexibility. I work school hours to be able to drop-off and pick-up my son. It was something put to management and there was absolutely no drama at all. I work in my own time in the evenings to be able to keep my full-time 40-hour week.

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