Hi there, my name is Jen

Dilapidation Services Coordinator (Melbourne), commenced 2015

I really enjoy working for Land Surveys. I think they employ really good people and it makes it enjoyable to go to work every day. I get to work on a bunch of different projects, I get to meet a lot of new people on-site, and I work with a great team. My key responsibilities include dilapidation surveys – doing the surveys on-site, quoting for new projects, and also coordinating teams to go out on-site and undertake the dilapidation surveys.

Each day is different, there is always something interesting happening. You don’t know what each day is going to bring – visiting completely different sites all the time is quite interesting. The hours are pretty flexible because you need to access different sites at different times. The staff requirement differs on the size of each project. I’ve previously had up to five teams of two surveyors, so ten people all up to coordinate.

My job entails a combination of on-site and office-based work. With the smaller projects, I’ll often go on-site and do the survey report. When it’s a large project I’ll have a team of guys that I’ll coordinate to do the work. I like seeing the job from the very start – putting the quote through to producing the final report. I really enjoyed seeing the whole process.

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