Survey Secondment Services

What are Survey Secondment Services?

Survey secondment services can be provided by supply survey personnel on short and long-term contracts, experienced mine surveyors from authorised and senior staff ranks through to junior surveyors and graduates. Land Surveys has the ability to supply full teams for rostered coverage at a wide variety of projects and locations.

Land Surveys can readily supply all the necessary survey equipment, software and consumables, including mine specification (mine spec) vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

What is involved in Survey Secondment Services?

Land Surveys can set up of all the required systems and procedures for a new mine site. It can supply staff that fit in with a site’s current team to fill a skills void and supply experienced staff that can cover leave periods with minimal handover times.

Additionally, most of Land Surveys’ staff have up to date medical, national police clearance and drug and alcohol testing so they can be mobilise quickly at little extra cost.

Utilising Survey Secondment Services

Land Surveys can readily supply secondment survey personnel on the following bases:

  • short and long-term contracts;
  • individuals and teams; and
  • junior, senior, authorised and Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) certified.

Benefits of Survey Secondment Services?

Secondment services provide a cost-effective option for clients. They don’t need to provide leave coverage, and they’re ideal for new mines given that the services can reduce a mining company’s early capital expenditure.

When a company suffers from a shortage of mine surveyors, particularly when it’s trying to recruit a new staff member, Land Surveys can readily fill this gap for up to three months.

What challenges can Land Surveys solve with survey secondment services?

Shortages of mine surveyors can lead to lengthy time delays for mining companies to recruit their own staff. In Land Surveys’ experience it takes a minimum of three months for mine sites to find the right people to join their ranks. By having our experience surveyors on site companies can be confident that their production doesn’t suffer protracted shortfalls or delays.

Land Surveys has surveyors experienced all facets of mining. If a mine site has a project outside the scope of its own surveyors, we can assist in filling this gap. This can extend to training a client’s own staff on mining equipment, on software through to re-traverse campaigns.

Why choose Land Surveys for your survey secondment services?

Surveying is our stock in trade, and we continually invest in the latest survey equipment, training, and support structures. Our staff members have full access to company benefits, and Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) and technical support teams across Australia. Land Surveys managers and coordinators have worked for 25-plus years in the surveying industry – they listen to and understand the demands of the mining industry’s open-cut and underground projects.