Rail Automated Track Monitoring

What is Automated Track Monitoring? 

Automated rail track monitoring systems involve the combination of measurement sensors, communication systems and data processing to provide continuous detection of in deformation and changes in rail track geometry.

How does Automated Track Monitoring as a service work?

Land Surveys are agnostic with the monitoring sensors and solutions it deploys, this ensures that the best solution for both technical spec and price can be provided with a focus on a ‘fit for purpose’ solution. Automated Total Stations (AMTS) provide continuous relative 3D coordinates to a high accuracy and when supplemented with other sensors such as tilt and vibration, the system can provide a full picture of the track performance, or impact of adjacent activities.

Land Surveys provide a complete solution unique to each track environment and deliver ‘live’ track geometry parameters (twist, H/V versine, gauge, radius, alignment) providing a true indication of track condition while trains continue to operate safely.

Utilising Automated Track Monitoring

It is important to observe movements that constructors, designers, and rail operators deem to be of critical importance. Providing accurate and precise track monitoring systems that deliver reliable data representation, analysis and interpretation is important to understand the relationship between activities and potential deformation movement. This can be especially crucial to understand for rail environments and situations such as:

  • Excavations
  • Tunnelling
  • Asset performance & maintenance
  • Slope stability
  • Long / short term change in geometry over time

Management of data, alert triggers, reporting and hardware and software support is managed by our team of monitoring experts, who deliver projects throughout Australia and Internationally.

The benefits of using Automated Track Monitoring

Automated track monitoring systems provide continuous measurement of track movement and geometry, providing a true indication of track condition against specified parameters, and provides early warning if unwanted change is detected. This provides confidence that train services can operate safely.

Additional benefits and insights include:

  • Reduced site visits and costs
  • 24/7 continuous system, increases confidence in data and trends
  • Automatic alerts
  • 24/7 access live data on cloud based data visualisation platform

What challenges can Land Surveys solve with Automated Track Monitoring?

Rail geometry is crucial to safety for live railway environments, whether it be to evaluate track performance, or to provide early warning of movement during adjacent construction. Automated track geometry monitoring systems remove the need for site attendance and provide reliable data, in a timely manner so that decisions can be made confidently in the dynamic rail environment.

Why choose Land Surveys for your Automated Track Monitoring requirements? 

With the experience of operating over 150 Automated monitoring systems, Land Surveys have hardware, software and technical capability to manage, analyse and visualise monitoring data so it makes sense. Available for short, medium and long term campaigns, our systems can be quickly deployed to any rail environment or situation.