Dilapidation Survey/Report

What is a dilapidation report?

A dilapidation report (or ‘dilap report’ or existing condition survey) is an independent visual inspection of surfaces and structures adjacent to a proposed development. It’s undertaken pre- and/or post-construction, capturing high-resolution photographic imagery or video capture of existing conditions, highlighting any notable damages or defects. The media and findings are digitally reported for all stakeholders to assess before work commences.

How a dilapidation survey works

A dilapidation survey protects both an adjacent owner and the asset owner’s interests by providing an agreed record of condition at a fixed point in time. A dilapidation survey can be considered an essential investment to give landowners peace of mind and avoid unnecessary construction costs on their property. If damage is noted after construction commences, a dilapidation report provides supporting evidence of existing conditions to also prevent costly litigation due to unsubstantiated claims.

Who requires a dilapidation report?

Dilapidation reports are commonly used by contractors, developers, local government authorities, road and rail operators, asset owners, architects and engineers.
Our current clients range from State and local governments, tier one, two and three construction companies, architects, and real estate and management sectors.

Utilising dilapidation reports

The reports can provide the following advantages:

  • external and internal elements of adjacent properties and assets of interest;
  • the condition of road reserves, footpaths, kerbing, and utilities; and
  • all faults such as cracks, distortion, leakages and other building imperfections are captured by our property surveyors and are recorded in a condition report with high-resolution photographs and annotations.

The benefits of a dilapidation report

The reports ensure of mind and money expended on litigation, and the costs of remedial repair works for damage caused by someone else. They also provide:

  • records of existing conditions and defects prior to works commencing;
  • mitigate blame for indirect damage to third-party properties;
  • resolve disputes expeditiously;
  • prevent fraudulent claims, liabilities, or actions; and
  • assist contractors in negotiation for insurance policy terms, cost-effective premiums, and the defence of insurance claims.

Land Surveys can help solve challenges with a dilapidation report

Land Surveys utilises the latest technology in captivating image-processing techniques and cloud data-management systems. Its dilapidation report services deliverables efficiently provide 3D walk-through models that can be accessed any time via a web-based portal, creating suitable digital solutions for our clients.

We only need to capture once to be able to generate multiple deliverables. Once processed, the deliverables include:

  • high-resolution DVD video;
  • high-resolution photography;
  • Georeferenced photo locations;
  • 3D-mesh generation;
  • separable reports for stakeholders, owners and interested parties;
  • individual 360-degree ‘bubble view’ and walk-throughs;
  • detailed 2D floor and ceiling plans (exportable as DXF / DWG); and
  • pins within 3D models identifying points of interest with attached information.

Why use Land Surveys for your dilapidation reports?

We have a nationwide footprint. Our team can undertake property condition reports, virtual inspections, 3D walk-throughs, infrastructure condition assessment, and condition assessment reports.

We liaise with building managers and/or tenants to arrange site inspections, inspect internal properties or infrastructure, and report in a timely manner to ensure our clients are effectively covered off for all of their key decision-making needs.