Work Life Balance

As an employee of Land Surveys, we want you to enjoy a work life balance. We want you to blend your work and personal life successfully.

What is Work Life Balance?

As an employee of Land Surveys we want you to enjoy a work life balance. We want you to blend your work and personal life successfully.

  • ‘Work’ is your career and ambitions
  • ‘Life’ is your health and well-being, your family and leisure time
  • Your aim is to achieve harmony between the two
  • Achieving a work life balance will in turn reward you both personally, and help you achieve your career ambitions

Work Life Balance and your Health

  • Your immune system will thank you for achieving a work life balance – you should experience a healthier feeling
  • When we are over-worked, worried, or stressed, we start to get over-tired and run-down. This takes an effect on our overall health and well-being, and nobody wants to reach burnout stage
  • Although occasional work stresses can be usual, it is not healthy to take the stress home with you
  • It is important to adapt an attitude of leaving work stress at work and not taking it home, as this is when your home life will start to suffer
  • To help reduce your work stresses, it is vital to eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and undertake regular relaxation sessions. This includes doing what you enjoy such as reading a book, going to the beach, watching a movie, etc.

Work Life Balance and your Relationships

  • Your relationships will also be rewarded when you engage in a work life balance
  • When spending time with your loved ones, whether it is your spouse, children, family or friends, focus should be maintained on ‘life’ activities, rather than work thoughts
  • Your loved ones will appreciate your attention to them

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