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Tuesday 21 April 2020.

Land Surveys is proud to support Tallulah Harrison’s COVID-19 food bank appeal for the underprivileged, to collect dry goods for the food bank at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) https://www.asrc.org.au/, who offer food security to over 800 people each week.

The ASRC is a charity that continues to provide essential services to people seeking asylum during the COVID-19 pandemic, who may be legally unable to work, or earn money, and have no access to Medicare or Centrelink. The ASRC provides support to thousands of people with emergency food, essential household items, access to safe and stable shelter as well as healthcare, legal and employment support.

Tallulah’s aim is to help replenish ASRC’s food bank, who are currently facing implications of COVID-19, resulting in a decrease in donations. Before COVID-19, 240 meals a day, Monday to Friday were cooked by volunteers at the ASRC kitchen, most of the fresh produce was being donated from restaurants. Currently, due to COVID-19, the ASRC kitchen has been closed down and many restaurants are unable to donate.

ASRC rely on community donations to stock their shelves, with almost 90% of their food and essential grocery items generously donated by the community. The donations to ASRC’s programs are essential to fill an immediate need for refugees and people seeking asylum, and to provide them a hand up on the pathway to food security and independence, where they have the ingredients and knowledge to make the best choices for their nutritional, social and emotional wellbeing. Tallulah’s COVID-19 food bank appeal will be running for 2 weeks with weekly drop-offs of the supplies.

Land Surveys is happy to contribute and support this initiative.

Great work team!

Land Surveys

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