Subdivisions & Strata

What are Subdivisions & Strata services?

Each development is unique, our subdivision & strata services offer expert advice for the best land use options and assistance navigating through the entire development process.
When it comes to subdividing there are two main options: Freehold Subdivisions or Strata Subdivisions.

The most common type of subdivision is called a Freehold subdivision, this is a traditional form of land tenure and each lot is serviced independently. The advantage of a freehold property is that you have complete control over it.

Strata Subdivision or Strata Title is another option for developers to subdivide their properties. Strata developments have different options depending on whether the land is vacant or has constructed buildings.

The advantages of Strata Subdivisions include reduced servicing costs, (as services can be shared) and the benefit of sharing common property (communal areas such as shared driveway, pool and/or BBQ areas).

What do Subdivisions & Strata services include?

Freehold Subdivision development services are:

  • Licenced/ Registered Survey
  • Pre-calculation plans
  • Sales & marketing plans
  • Underground service locating
  • Site analysis report
  • Infrastructure set-out
  • As-constructed surveys
  • Preliminary plans for pre-sales

Our subdivision development options are:

  • Amalgamation/plan of consolidation
  • Land subdivision
  • Easement plans
  • Leasehold Developments

Strata Subdivision development services are:

  • Licenced/ Registered Survey
  • Concept plans
  • Pre-calculation plans
  • Site analysis report
  • Infrastructure set-out
  • As-constructed surveys
  • Preliminary plans for pre-sales
  • Unit Entitlements

There are various types of Strata Titles:

  • Survey Strata (WA only)
  • Built Form Strata
  • Community Titles

What challenges can Land Surveys solve with this service?

The highly experienced and specialised team in our Land Development department help you to identify, navigate, and resolve any potential problems. We have experience in all scale, scope, and complexities, from small to large, and residential or commercial.

Our team firstly evaluates and accesses your overall project and goals, to foresee and mitigate potential costly problems. We can start with the end in mind, to best support and guide you to the desired result.

Expert advice saves you time and money on your project, we can:

  • Provide expert advice on your best land use options
  • Deliver survey to settlement support, expediting the complicated development processes
  • Navigate and support you through the subdivision process
  • Help to minimise the holding costs of your development
  • Liaise with Local Governments and the Western Australian Planning Commission