Dilapidation Surveys

Our team at Land Surveys and Dilapidation Report can conduct dilapidation reports and 3D walk-throughs for clients in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and other regions around Australia. We liaise with building managers and/or tenants to arrange site inspections, inspect internal properties or infrastructure, and report in a timely manner to ensure our client is effectively covered off for liability purposes.

Benefits of a Dilapidation Survey are:  

  • Saves you peace of mind and money on litigation, and the costs of remedial repair works for damage caused by someone else.
  • Records existing conditions and defects prior to works commencing.
  • Mitigates blame for indirect damage to third party properties.
  • Resolves disputes in an instant.
  • Prevents any fraudulent claims, liabilities or actions.
  • Assists a contractor in negotiation for insurance policy terms, cost-effective premiums and the defence of insurance claims.

This service captures:

  • The external and internal elements of adjacent properties and assets of interest.
  • The condition of road reserves, footpaths, kerbing and utilities are usually included.
  • All faults such as cracks, distortion, leakages and other building imperfections are captured by our property surveyors, and are recorded in a condition report with high-resolution photographs and annotations.

Data you will receive:

  • High-resolution DVD video
  • High-resolution photography
  • GEO-referenced photo locations
  • Separable reports for stakeholders, owners and interested parties

If you would like more information on how our property surveyors can provide dilapidation reports and surveys for you in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or any other locations around Australia, contact us today to request a brochure from one of our team members.

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