Volume & Quantity Analysis

At Land Surveys we work together with you to tailor the solution to best meet your needs; and we are sure our innovative Volume & Quantity Analysis capabilities will meet your desired deliverable timeframes, accuracies, and percentage-error requirements.

The benefits of Volume & Quantity Analysis are:

  • We can provide efficient and accurate volume computations as your project continuously changes through the addition and removal of material
  • Using unmanned aerial vehicles or laser scanning, our surveyors will be able to quickly and effectively capture the site conditions to calculate volumes faster, and just as accurately as conventional methods

This service can be applied to:

  • Infrastructure
  • Quarries and mines
  • Landfills
  • Greenfield developments

Land Surveys can save you time and money on your project by:

  • Implementing a volume analysis plan to minimise error margins in volume calculations can significantly reduce earthworks expenditure far greater than the cost of the additional survey

Deliverables range from:

  • 3D Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • Volume computation of stockpile
  • Change reporting (for quarries and mines)
  • Analysis of cut and fill to design (report and 3D model)

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