Hi there, my name is Russell

Engineering Surveyor, commenced 2006

Land Surveys is where I have grown up working I guess you could say. It’s the only surveying company I have worked for. I started when I was in the middle of studying for my degree, so I feel I’ve grown with the company, developed with the company – and the work has kept me interested.

I started as an Assistant Surveyor and now I’m an Engineering Surveyor. I enjoy that I’m close enough to being my own boss, without the responsibilities of owning a company. I run my own jobs a lot of the times which I quite like – it gives you that bit of extra flexibility. Every now and then I’ll have an assistant, depending on the job, but that doesn’t happen very often.

My key responsibilities are making sure the client’s needs are met – having a good rapport with the client is important. Also ensuring everything is correct, the set out is correct, and ensuring the job isn’t delayed – sticking to deadlines is really important.

I chose surveying as a career after a travelling holiday in Canada. I found that I liked working outside, but at the same time I don’t mind office work every now and then too. Surveying gives you a bit of both. It’s a hybrid of not being stuck in an office all of the time, but you are also not 100 percent in the field all of the time either – so you get a bit of variety.

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