Rail Track Surveys

What are rail track surveys?

Rail track surveys comprises a group of services that Land Surveys provides to assist clients in the installation of new rail tracks or the maintenance of existing tracks. This includes all associated infrastructure within the rail environment such as civil engineering elements, overhead wiring and signalling, electrical infrastructure, and statutory regulatory documentation.

How Rail Track Surveys work

Our team of specialists work with railway infrastructure owners, principal contractors, engineers and designers to complete surveys before, during and after the construction and/or maintenance of rail projects. Land Surveys works as a trusted advisor to support these projects with its technical expertise and the application of specialist rail surveying technology.

Utilising rail track surveys

In practice our team serves clients in the following (among other) ways:

  • control surveys – control networks are a critical element in rail networks. The installation of new control networks or maintenance of existing networks ensures that asset integrity is maintained;
  • laser scanning – high-density light detecting and ranging (LIDAR) data collection through terrestrial, mobile or airborne platforms allows for improved design workflows;
  • rail inspections – imagery and video capture are vital elements in understanding the visual nature and context in rail environments. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be utilised to view structures or sites not easily accessible from the ground level, to provide matchless perspectives.
  • track and turnout installation – our rail specialist team has long-standing experience in short-term projects to work with installation teams in ensuring that tracks and turnouts are constructed as per design positioning;
  • wiring, signalling and systems – mapping and understanding of critical rail systems and support infrastructure is important to maintain working rail networks;
  • track monitoring – rail tracks and supporting infrastructure are prone to movement given the heavy loads they carry. Land Surveys monitoring team provides a variety of manual and automated solutions that ensure movement is measured and can be appropriately managed; and
  • specialist standard surveys – many rail asset owners have specific standards that determine how surveys are conducted and presented in their networks. Land Surveys has experience in working with most specific standards throughout Australia and can ensure that its work complies with these.

The benefits of using rail track surveys

Surveying in complex rail projects – often with limited windows of time to complete the work – requires specialist skills and experience to achieve the high accuracies required. Each aspect of these time-critical projects is important and project team members need to trust one another and work in close collaboration for the successful delivery of the works.

Rail track surveys provide the confidence to project participants that their work is spatially aligned and sufficiently accurate to tie in with the ‘real world’ conditions as well as the proposed design requirements.

What challenges can Land Surveys solve with rail track surveys?

Rail track renewal and installation projects are often conducted during short rail shutdown periods during which an ‘all hands-on deck’ approach is required to efficiently resource the project. Land Surveys takes pride in having a scalable, skilled team to enable it to resource these projects as and when required.

We can supply the trained staff, technology and processes to deliver assurance to our clients that work will be conducted within planned timeframes and the required, suitable high standard.

Having worked on a wide array of rail projects throughout Australia, the Land Surveys rail team can accommodate works utilising a broad range of rail technology data, types and formats. The team can ensure the work it executes flows through with ease to other stakeholders. Further, as a dynamic organisation with long-standing, deep-seated technical expertise Land Surveys can provide additional geospatial services in conjunction with rail track surveys to provide holistic solutions. For clients this mean they need only to engage with a single, trusted organisation for their specific project needs.

Why choose Land Surveys for your rail track survey requirements?

Land Surveys has over two decades of experience in the rail industry and a deep understanding of rail industry expectations. We have built trust through many successful projects with some of the largest rail-based enterprises across Australia.

We bring this diverse knowledge, skills set, extensive experience and organisational scalability to benefit rail projects across Australia.

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Land Surveys has a team with diverse knowledge, skills set, extensive experience and organisational scalability to benefit rail projects across Australia. For more information on our rail track survey services, contact us today on 1300 526 378.