Land Development

Station Street Commercial Development

  • ClientDoric
  • Duration1 Year, 8 Months
  • LocationSubiaco, WA

The former Station Street Markets in Subiaco sees a new multi-level mixed use development built with construction awarded to Doric. The development includes a Coles supermarket, a Target store, food and beverage outlets, speciality retail tenancies, approximately 6000sqm of office space, and 400 car bays.

Land Surveys was engaged to undertake surveying works which comprised of establishing boundaries and proceeding with set outs. These set outs consisted of dimensions from external walls to the boundary lines; gridlines in the basement; and datums around the building. Followed by set outs on all the footing centre lines – approximately 100. These were all different orientations and required four points at each footing (four pegs per column) to determine the orientation of the footing. Other surveying works included set outs for slab edges, walls, drainage, electrical, and plumbing works; along with set outs of dowel bars for panels, starter bars for walls, and bulk headlines.

The architecture of this building consisted of multiple curved walls as a feature. This required the Surveyor to mark the radius point – the centre of the curves – enabling accuracy for the next stage of works to proceed.

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