Engineering Surveys

Pakenham HCMT Facility

  • ClientDowner Group
  • Duration2 years, 9 months
  • LocationPakenham, VIC

Downer Group challenged Land Surveys with the management of all survey tasks and final QA deliverables for the project.

This included verification of design, earthwork volumetrics, clash detection, structural set out, and as-builts.

Volumetrics and aerial imagery were required every two to three days during the bulk earthworks phase to enable accurate measurements, as well as overall project and machinery planning.

All installed underground services were required to be progressively surveyed for 3D position and collated into a central database for final handover to the client. Using a combination of UAV survey, 3D data processing and data management as a service (DMaaS), data was QCd, processed and uploaded into Land Surveys web-based 3D data package.

This allowed Downer’s site team to have full visualisation on a tablet computer and allowed operatives to assess work areas and work fronts, calculate volumes and cut sections, overlay design information, and monitor overall progress of the project.

Through a combination of innovative processes, intelligent software and the most efficient survey hardware systems available, our dedicated team of Surveyors and Data Managers were able to implement significant cost savings for Downer on this project.

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