21 September 2016


Land Surveys21 September 20162 min read

Land Surveys has partnered with South Regional TAFE Surveying Department to offer Certificate IV and Diploma in Surveying courses.

The courses are being held for both Land Surveys staff and those from other companies who are currently working in the surveying industry. We received a great response and currently have 17 students participating from Land Surveys and five other external companies in the industry.

This has been a great opportunity for those already working in the industry to gain a formal qualification. Majority of the students on the program have been working in the industry for many years without gaining a formal qualification, and are now able to work towards becoming qualified with minimal disruption to their current work commitments – most of whom are working towards completing their Diploma in Surveying.

The course covers the mathematics and theoretical components of surveying, allowing students to learn the fundamentals needed to obtain their desired qualification. The course has been designed to utilise the on the job skills of each individual at their workplace and assess those skills against the requirements of the individual units that are required to complete the desired qualification, thus making the practical component more relevant to the companies where the students work.

Classes started in May 2016, and students are attending one, condensed lesson each month, at our Brennan Way office. The course facilitator, Bill Chernabaeff, runs the lessons on three different days per month to accommodate the FIFO students’ rosters, and also the different levels of experience. The students are working on different components of the course according to their level of experience, with some students on track to complete their Diploma as early as mid-2017.

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