3 April 2018


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As a community initiative, through the ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ Council, who provides leadership in the field of litter prevention and reduction, Land Surveys participated in the Council’s anti-litter program called ‘Adopt a Spot’.

Adopt a Spot is a program that engages volunteers comprising of business groups, community groups and individuals to undertake coordinated litter clean-ups of a designated area in their local community.

HSEQ Manager at Land Surveys, Andrew Clarke, organised Land Surveys involvement which was at Adachi Park in Belmont. Andrew commented, “Land Surveys is an organisation with a strong family focus. We strive to educate our own and others on how to provide a safe environment for wildlife, our children, and ourselves.”

Adachi Park, named after Belmont’s Sister City, Adachi in Japan, is a Japanese themed garden. It is home to birdlife and also bats, and contains a tea house, a doll house, and children’s playground area. It is a popular location for picnics, ceremonies and photoshoots. The focus of Land Surveys clean-up was on the children’s playground, stream run-off, boat ramp, car park, barbecue area, and exercise facilities. Items found included fishing line, bottles, cans, and car tyres.

Waste in an area such as Adachi Park can be a hazard. Discarded fishing line can become entangled around birdlife, broken glass can also be an issue for birdlife, and no matter what the waste is, there is always the possibility of it being picked up by children.

Andrew continued, “Land Surveys has a strong belief in providing a safe environment for fauna and flora. If the fauna and flora disappears, the balance of nature is disrupted leading to more environmental issues. We owe it to our children to maintain the waterways so they can enjoy the environment as I did growing up in this area.”

Overall the morning was a great success. It is clear the City of Belmont manage the area well, however, there was still a considerable amount of litter collected by the Land Surveys team over the duration of one hour.

A big thank you to the Land Surveys volunteers, Nicole, Tania, Nazanin, Gabrielle, and Michael, along with Andrew, who all enjoyed the morning and felt proud of contributing in maintaining a safe community environment.

In conclusion, Andrew said; “We can all make a difference when using parklands by never leaving anything behind other than footprints and taking nothing other than photo.”

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