A large portion of redevelopment projects try to spend little money during the design phase on existing conditions information, to the detriment of the rest of the project. Using minimal information at the start means consultants, architects, and project managers are making decisions without the full suite of information – which leads to large sums in variations for contractors and builders. Using laser scanning, Land Surveys can rapidly, discreetly and safely capture the existing conditions of the site and provide you with 3D models, CAD plans, and digital records for contract and design works, minimising variation claims and time spent on-site waiting for survey.

Furthermore, our ability to deliver existing conditions data efficiently and effectively from laser scanning can be ‘staged’ for different detail during the project lifecycle, minimising outlay for survey – without the need for remobilisation.

Laser scanning gives you the flexibility and confidence that you are making the right decisions for the site, minimising construction time and improving project workflow.

Land Surveys can apply this service to:

  • Construction
  • Offshore
  • Plant
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Government

Land Surveys can help you save time and money by:

  • Delivering to you the existing site conditions efficiently and effectively from site capture and where possible, from our data archives
  • Using cost-effective, mass data collection surveying techniques, our information can improve on your design by giving you a deeper understanding of the site constraints, and remove ‘TBC on-site’ disclaimers from design plans – the main source of contract variations

Deliverables range from:

  • Heat-maps showing variation of existing to design
  • Detailed 3D models and BIM
  • CAD plan drawing sets

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Land Surveys

Established in 1997, Land Surveys has continued to grow and expand as one of the best surveying companies in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia and overseas.


National Experience

Country Title Qualification
UK Setting Out Engineer or Land Surveyor 4 Year Survey/Mapping/Science Degree
Romania Surveyor 4 Year Science/Geomatics Bachelor
Lithuania Surveyor Bachelor of Measurement Engineering
Poland Surveyor MSc Engineering Surveyor, University of Agriculture, Krakow
Vietnam Surveyor Bachelor of Engineering - Civil Engineering (Surveying and Mapping)