Architectural Heritage

Often heritage projects are heavily reliant on old, outdated plans that do not reflect what was built. These projects often require tie-in with the heritage structure, and confirmation the site has not been disturbed through rejuvenation.

Using laser scanning, we can rapidly, discreetly, and safely capture the existing conditions of the site, and provide you with 3D models, CAD plans and digital records for construction, auditing or tie-in services, much cheaper than using conventional methods.

Furthermore, our ability to deliver existing conditions data efficiently and effectively from our data archives means we can show you any change in the structure over time – such as before and after, or even at set intervals during construction.

Laser scanning gives you the flexibility and confidence that your project will preserve and maintain historically significant components of the project, without impacting on your construction or project workflow.

Land Surveys can apply this service to:

  • Construction
  • Offshore
  • Plant
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Industrial

  • Government

Land Surveys can help you save time and money by:

  • Delivering to you the existing site conditions efficiently and effectively from new capture, or from our data archives
  • Capturing your site using cost-effective, mass data collection surveying techniques – our survey information can improve your design by giving you a deeper understanding of the site constraints, particularly with heritage components or complex structures

Deliverables range from:

  • Heat-maps showing variation of existing to design
  • Detailed 3D models and BIM
  • CAD plan drawing sets

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