Land Information / Title

What is Land Information/Title? 

A property’s title embodies the rights related to the ownership of a property. Each title carries its own set of regulations covering limitations, interests, encumbrances, and notifications with which a property owner must comply. As a property developer or investor, it is critical for property developers and investors to understand how titles work for them to be compliant.

How Land Information/Title works

Land title information relates to the Certificate of Title, freehold subdivision plans, historical records of information, property ownership, and tenure data. We can access this information from the relevant Government authorities, and then interpret, analyse, and provide the best advice depending on your end goal.

Land Information/Title services Land Surveys offers

  • legal boundary surveys;
  • interest-=only easement plans;
  • land tenure advice;
  • lease areas/boundaries;
  • exclusive title uses;
  • easements;
  • encumbrance advice; and
  • settlement service referral.

The benefits of using Land Information/Title services

Our expert Land Development team can deliver the following benefits:

  • providing an understanding of the different types of lot tenure that may be registered on your Certificate of Title;
  • ensuring the best land use to maximise property development; and
  • liaison with local government and servicing departments.

Land Surveys can help solve challenges with Land Information/Title

The highly experienced and specialised team in our Land Development department can help you to identify and understand any encumbrances on your title. This can be critical to a builder or developer in planning for (and dealing with) any potential issues relating to the land. We start with the client’s end result in mind in order best support and guidance achieve to the desired outcome.

Why choose Land Surveys for your Land Information/Title requirements? 

We offer a complete solution. We streamline your future land development plans by utilising all readily available information we have on our extensive database for previous work that we may have completed on your property. This makes engaging with Land Surveys an ideal choice from a project’s start to finish.