Land Information / Title

Land Surveys is a land specialist that assists with the land title information relating to Certificate of Title, freehold subdivision plans, historical records of information, property ownership, and tenure data. We are able to access this information from the relevant Government authorities, and then interpret, analyse, and provide the best advice depending on your end goal.

A complete solution is offered by Land Surveys. We can streamline your future land development plans by using readily available information we have on file for previous work that we may have completed on your property. This makes engaging with Land Surveys on your project an ideal choice from start to finish.

Our expert Land Development team can:

  • Provide an understanding of the different types of lot tenure that may be registered upon your Certificate of Title
  • Ensure the best land use to maximise property development
  • Liaise with local Government and servicing departments
  • Follow and conform to industry and Government processes and regulations

Our deliverables include:

  • Legal boundary surveys
  • Interest only (Easement Plan)
  • Land tenure advice
  • Lease boundaries
  • Exclusive use
  • Easements
  • Caveats
  • Settlement services

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    Land Surveys

    Established in 1997, Land Surveys has continued to grow and expand as one of the best surveying companies in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia and overseas.


    National Experience

    Country Title Qualification
    UK Setting Out Engineer or Land Surveyor 4 Year Survey/Mapping/Science Degree
    Romania Surveyor 4 Year Science/Geomatics Bachelor
    Lithuania Surveyor Bachelor of Measurement Engineering
    Poland Surveyor MSc Engineering Surveyor, University of Agriculture, Krakow
    Vietnam Surveyor Bachelor of Engineering - Civil Engineering (Surveying and Mapping)