Land Development Infrastructure

As Licensed and Registered Surveyors we are qualified to carry out any legal survey work where property boundaries are concerned. Land Surveys prides itself on providing a professional, diligent and proactive land survey service, ensuring accuracy of your property boundaries.

Land Surveys can save you time and money on your project, we are able to:

  • Manage your surveying requirements from conception to completion
  • Provide highly experienced engineering, Licensed and Registered Surveyors
  • Provide the required digital data and survey information ensuring compliance with local utility providers and the ‘A Spec’ standardised initiative

Key services include:

Set-out and As-constructed services;

  • Water
  • Sewerage
  • Drainage
  • Communication
  • Electrical
  • Roads
  • Service pegging

A-Spec digital deliverables, specialising in;

  • D-Spec (Drainage)
  • O-Spec (Open Space)
  • R-Spec (Road Reserve)
  • Preliminary lot staking

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    Land Surveys

    Established in 1997, Land Surveys has continued to grow and expand as one of the best surveying companies in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia and overseas.


    National Experience

    Country Title Qualification
    UK Setting Out Engineer or Land Surveyor 4 Year Survey/Mapping/Science Degree
    Romania Surveyor 4 Year Science/Geomatics Bachelor
    Lithuania Surveyor Bachelor of Measurement Engineering
    Poland Surveyor MSc Engineering Surveyor, University of Agriculture, Krakow
    Vietnam Surveyor Bachelor of Engineering - Civil Engineering (Surveying and Mapping)