Land Development Infrastructure

How Land Development Infrastructure services work

Land Surveys provides set-out of the entire designed subdivision infrastructure – from retaining walls to road levels to drainage, electrical, water and sewer connections – to assist service providers with the correct locations for infrastructure construction and installation. We also specialise in as-constructed infrastructure survey and drafting that comply with A-spec digital data specifications.

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Utilising Land Development Infrastructure services

Land Surveys’ central services include the following:

Set-out and as-constructed services:

  • water (potable and non-potable);
  • sewerage;
  • drainage;
  • communication;
  • electrical;
  • roads;
  • public open spaces; and
  • preliminary lot and service pegging.

A-Spec digital deliverables: specialising in D-Spec (drainage), O-Spec (open space), R-Spec (road reserve).

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The benefits of using Land Development Infrastructure services

Land Surveys can save you time, money and energy on your project by;

  • managing your surveying requirements from conception to completion;
  • providing highly experienced engineering, licensed and registered surveyors; and
  • providing the required digital data and survey information to ensure compliance with local utility providers and the A-Spec standardised initiative;
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What challenges can Land Surveys solve with Land Development Infrastructure services?

By obtaining the latest design files and overlaying these with our boundary survey, our highly experienced team can ensure that development infrastructure is constructed in the correct location by pegging the location on-site. This saves clients time and money by ensuring contractors know where to install infrastructure on-site.

Our team is also highly experienced in providing as-constructed survey and data delivery in the correct format, eliminating the prospect the prospect of hold-ups due to incorrect data.

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Why choose Land Surveys for your Land Development Infrastructure requirements? 

Land Surveys’ licensed and registered surveyors are qualified to carry out any legal survey work to establish property boundaries. It provides a professional, diligent, and proactive land survey service, delivering accurate details of your infrastructure in relation to your property boundaries.

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