Control Survey & Network Analysis (CSNA)

What is Control Survey & Network Analysis as a service?

Land Surveys has experienced staff who regularly install accurate, 3D-coordinated points that are used by the mining industry as a reference datum for all works. Our team can make the installations above or below ground and the connection and measurement of these control points forms the fundamental, initial survey.

Performing check surveys between the controls, using total station, GPS, and digital levels, allows us to analyse how accurate and verifiable the controls are in position to each other.

How Control Survey & Network Analysis is applied

All mines need to be referenced to a datum. This ties the exploration work in with the mine excavation or underground workings, dumps, and stockpile locations, and is used to design and install the mine infrastructure, camps, roads, offices workshops and other mine-related buildings and assets.

Utilising Control Survey & Network Analysis

Control points are used to orientate points of significance. Setting up an accurate network ensures all buildings, mines and tailings facilities are built in the same reference to each other. This is particularly vital where two (or more) underground mines are to be combined.

Planar reference systems can be set up for the building of plant. This eliminates the scale in the distances that are caused by the earth’s curvature.

Benefits of Control Survey & Network Analysis

The benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • using static Global Navigation satellite System (GNSS) equipment where recognised control networks are transferred onto site pillars or marks, creating a coordinated mine datum that relates back to a local mine coordinate system and is documented in line with legislative requirements.
  • carrying out quality checks on survey standards to ensure that clients are fully compliant with current mine regulations and guidelines; and
  • performing re-surveys of declined developments to validate survey control accuracy, including documentation of all results to fully conform to required standards.

What challenges can Land Surveys solve with Control Survey & Network Analysis?

Land Surveys can readily update mine data to current-day reference systems.

We have one of the largest fleets of geodetic equipment at hand to perform control surveys and checks and our fleet is regularly serviced and calibrated. Using more equipment speeds up the task of installation and analysis.

We can transform coordinate systems to ensure that they are relative to each other and thereby avoid confusion that arises when using multiple, different reference systems.

We can utilise gyro theodolites to assist with defining true north bearings to assist with check surveys.

Why choose Land Surveys for your Control Survey & Network Analysis requirements?

The qualified surveyors in the Land Surveys team of have the expertise to perform major CSNA activities.

Our authorised mine surveyors apply their acquired knowhow to conduct audits on our client’s data to verify their existing survey plans are up to standard.

These tasks are not something that all surveyors have a suitable understanding of Land Surveys can fill your void for these projects.

Land Surveys already own survey hardware and software to plan and perform control installation and network analysis and adjustment. This means our clients do not have to spend on expensive items for what is often a “one time” project.