Contour / Feature / Topographic Surveys

What are contour surveys?

Contour surveys – also known as site surveys, detail surveys or feature topographic surveys – detail all noteworthy features relevant to a particular site. They include positions of buildings, trees, sewerage, drainage, communication pits, other visible service pits, roads, driveways, special features and levels across a property. These surveys can be used as the base plan for subdivision designs to maximise lot yield.

When contour surveys are required

  • feature surveys are often a common starting point for planning a new land development or construction, whether residential or commercial;
  • to maximise your lot/site yield;
  • councils, architects, engineers and builders use contour/site surveys to assist in building applications, landscaping designs and subdivision proposals;
  • a professionally drafted plan records all noteworthy features on a property; and
  • a successful project requires an accurate, informative and well-presented plan.

Utilising contour surveys

Our professionally drafted plans record the following key elements:

  • terrain levels (AHD or arbitrary);
  • contours at 0.5-metre (or other required) intervals;
  • datum level on site;
  • building footprint and floor levels;
  • utility services (drainage, gas, power, sewer, telephone and water);
  • adjacent property details and floor levels;
  • street and verge features (crossovers, kerbs and footpaths);
  • trees and vegetation;
  • fences (types, heights and condition);
  • walls (types and heights);
  • boundary information and easements; and
  • other existing and noteworthy structures.

Our feature surveys can be tailored to meet client-specific requirements. We offer a wide variety of industry recognised CAD file formats including:

  • 2D AutoCAD DWG files (3D available on request);
  • PDFs of digital data;
  • water and sewerage plans; and
  • cadastral plans.

Why choose Land Surveys for your contour survey requirements?

Land Surveys combines the latest in surveying technology with its highly skilled staff to deliver cost-effective, high-accuracy surveys in both hard-copy and digital mediums, tailored to meet clients’ exacting requirements.
Our Land Development team has extensive experience and expertise to advise you on your best land-use options and can guide and assist you through the entire development process.