Construction Services

Our methodologies combined with our advanced equipment ensures the most complex concrete structures are built within design tolerances.

What are Construction Services? 

Construction Surveying Services involves establishing reference marks denoting points, lines and grades to guide the construction of new buildings or structures. It also involves the measurement and monitoring of construction projects as they progress. Types of projects may include:

  • High rise buildings
  • Residential and commercial construction
  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Bridges
  • Ports
  • Tunnels
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How do Construction Services work? 

Construction Surveying Services involve utilising a combination of measurement technologies such as Total Stations, laser scanners, UAV’s and GNSS to position design elements, measure progress or monitor change in relation to a reference coordinate or chainage system.

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How are Construction Services utilised?

Construction Surveying Services provide critical functions in design and construction of new projects. This can be from concept design, through to detailed analysis and precise positioning of elements critical to the construction process and include:

  • Survey existing conditions of a site, including topographic survey, existing buildings and infrastructure, and underground services (AS5488).
  • Setout out of building corners, property boundaries or bulk excavation limits
  • Setout of reference marks to guide the construction of new elements or linear structures
  • Verify location of existing structures during construction
  • Transferring horizontal and vertical control on multiple floors
  • Measurement of excavated volumes and cut/fill analysis
  • Monitoring of settlement, verticality and change in geometry of buildings, adjacent rail tracks, bridges and roads
  • As-built surveys for conformance and compliance
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What are the benefits of Construction Services?  

Successful delivery of construction projects relies on accurate, timely and fit for purpose Construction Surveying Services. This requires a combination of the right people, processes, and technology to ensure accurate measurements are taken from the design stage through to construction.
Benefits of this include:

  • More accurate quantities
  • Less re-work
  • Speed and consistency of measurements and information
  • Increased Trust in information to build with confidence
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Why choose Land Surveys for your Construction Services requirements? 

We understand the dynamic nature of construction sites, and the time-critical elements of project delivery. Whether it is surveys for design, infrastructure setout, as-constructed surveys or multi-storey grid layout, Land Surveys have the experience and know how to ensure your Construction Surveying needs are met with efficiency, accuracy confidence.

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