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Tuesday 15 October 2019.

We were proud to host our Sydney Chairman cocktail event in conjunction with Northrop Engineering and hear from our special guest speaker Dr. Sarah Hill, who provided our guests with an insight into the key roles and planned outcomes of the Greater Sydney Commission, and also an inspiring discussion about her outlook for Sydney generally.

A past-President of PIA NSW and 2016-17 PIA Planner of the Year, Dr Hill is the inaugural CEO of the Greater Sydney Commission, leading development of the Commission’s vision for ‘a metropolis of three cities’ into the Greater Sydney Region Plan and five District Plans adopted by the NSW Government in March 2018.

Northrop Consulting Engineers, established in 1976 is a locally owned, engineering consultancy with over 400 staff across the eastern seaboard and Canberra. Highly experienced in civil, structural, building services and sustainability, Northrop has grown organically and is an industry recognised leader that prides itself on the strength of its long-term relationships with its clients.

Many thanks to Dr. Sarah Hill, Northrop Consulting Engineers and the helping hands of others who supported the successful event enjoyed by all that attended.

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