Central Station Main Works

  • ClientLaing O'Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd
  • Duration3 years, 6 months
  • LocationHaymarket, VIC

The contract scope included the installation of 28 Leica Nova TM50 monitoring total stations, more than 5,000 railway prisms along 4 km of tracks, platform coping and station canopy structures, in addition to a wide array of geotechnical sensors, a weather station, and additional manual monitoring survey to support key phases of construction.

Land Surveys has utilised GeoMoS data management software to control the extensive autonomous network of Leica Nova TM50 total stations and sensors. All geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring survey data is hosted on a web-based Monitoring Information Management System (MIMS); and threshold tolerances set in MIMS to automatically generate alarms and send notifications to the Land Surveys Monitoring team and client, wherever pre-set tolerances are exceeded.

The tracks were accessed during weekend and night shift track possessions to diligently maintain and ensure total station calibration, sensor operation, and monitoring point condition to maximise the quality of readings, system reliability, and overall longevity.

Land Surveys exceeded client expectations by delivering comprehensive near real time automated and manual monitoring services before, during, and after key phases of construction.

Land Surveys delivered clear and comprehensive data sets in relation to rail movement, changes in track geometry, and any structural deformation over the project’s lifespan. This establishes the essential early warning systems necessary to determine the stability of key structural components.

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