At Land Surveys, our people are everything. We are a people business and understand our people and their passion arethe key to our success. The sustainability of Land Surveys has been due to the ability of every individual to work together as a team to achieve great success. We are at the forefront of surveying in Perth, Western Australia, which is where we commenced. Now, we are also taking the lead in other Australian states and cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

20 Years of Achievement

In 2017, we celebrated 20 years of achievement. From small, humble beginnings in 1997, to offices throughout Australia, and one in Papua New Guinea, we now employ more than 200 staff. If you’re looking for a surveyor career in Australia, strength, support, knowledge, experience, commitment, along with so much more, is what you can expectfrom being part of our team.

Working in Australia

Live the Australian dream!

If you have qualifications which are equivalent of an Australian surveyor, we invite you to come and experience working for Land Surveys under a Skilled Migration Australian Visa. Even with the recent changes to Australian migration laws, it is still possible to work in Australia under the Skilled Migrant Visa Australia. We are hiring now for not only surveying jobs in Perth, but we are recruiting for jobs Australia-wide. We also have many upcoming surveying jobs that we will be hiring for in the near future, so start the application process today!

It’s important to notethat regardless of which country you live in, you are required to be ‘degree’ qualified to be able to be sponsored.





Setting Out Engineer or  Land Surveyor

4 Year Survey/Mapping/Science Degree



4 Year Science/Geomatics Bachelor



Bachelor of Measurement Engineering



MSc Engineering Surveyor,  University of Agriculture, Krakow



Bachelor of Engineering - Civil Engineering (Surveying and Mapping)

VISA Types Available For Migration

There are three types of Visas to consider applying for migration to Australia as listed below. Each Visa varies with its own requirements for eligibility. If you have never visited Australia, it may be a good idea applying for the first Visa type listed below as a trial, to get a gauge whether you like living in Australia or not. Click on the links below for more information about Visas to consider applying for:

Important to note: If your qualifications are from a non-English speaking country, you will need to undergo an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. If you have not undertaken an IELTS test within the last three years, we strongly encourage you to undertake this test prior to submitting your job application, and submit your test results with your application. This will help fast track the process of your application. Click here for more information on an IELTS test.

Once your job application has been accepted, we will refer you to our migration agency for further assistance. So, if you think a surveyor career in Australia with us at Land Surveys is for you, apply today!

Living in Australia

There is much to love about living in Australia! You will be able to enjoy everything Australia has to offer, which includes:

  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House – Australia’s most well-known landmarks. Walking and biking tours are available for the Harbour Bridge, as well as walking tours for the Opera House, along with endless entertainment offered at the Opera House.
  • Undeniable beautiful weather offering sunshine filled days most of the year-round.
  • Pristine Australian beaches and waters that stretch for kilometres along Australia’s major capital cities which are coastal.
  • Experience superb surfing conditions almost all-year round at Australia’s iconic beaches.
  • Fall in love with unique Australian wildlife which is different from anywhere else in the world.
  • A relaxed and laid-back lifestyle offering many entertainment options including sports, clubs, dining, wineries, festivals, concerts, and an endless array of outdoor activities all-year round.
Public transport is available in each capital city, along with a selection of multi-cultural eateries. Australia’s favourite cuisines include Thai, Chinese, Indian and Italian.
You can choose from living in the city or the suburbs. Housing options include a choice of dwelling selections from large family homes to single bedroom apartments, with share options also available.
Large supermarkets and smaller grocery stores are conveniently located in almost every suburb and open until late (varying hours throughout the country), to cater for after-work shopping needs.
For more information on living in Sydney or Melbourne, click on the city of your choice to download our brochures. If you are interested in exploring a move to Land Surveys in Australia, check out our current vacancies today.

Employee Benefits

We care about every employee. We care about your career development, your health, and your overall well-being. As an employee of Land Surveys, we can offer you:

Professional Development:

  • Developmental Studies – full or part course fees reimbursement
  • Flexible working hours to attend lectures, tutorials, and prepare for exams
  • Part reimbursement for the cost of one industry related professional membership, or
  • Part reimbursement for the cost of one industry subscription

Health and Wellness

  • Private health insurance rebates through HBF and Bupa
  • Mole scan rebate
  • Flu vaccination rebate or free vaccination depending on your health cover
  • Prescription safety glasses rebate
  • Sporting event participation rebate
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselling service for emotional well-being

Health Club Advantages

  • Discounted rates at Goodlife Health Clubsaround Australia
  • Discounted rates at Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre, Perth
  • Discounted rates at iFitness 24/7, Darwin
  • Discounted rates at Anytime Fitness Stuart Park, Darwin

Travel and Leisure Benefits

  • International travel insurance provided including family members
  • Virgin Airlines Club Membership discounts
  • Discounts to major sporting events around Australia and internationally
  • Corporate Traveller Services which is access to our business travel manager for your personal travel arrangements

Vehicle Benefits

  • Discounts on vehicles and finance
  • Access to novated leasing

Note: Some of these benefits may only be applicable to full-time staff members. Full details will be issued to you upon commencementof employment at Land Surveys.

Work Life Balance

As an employee of Land Surveys, we want you to enjoy a work life balance. We want you to blend your work and personal life successfully.

What is Work Life Balance?

  • ‘Work’ is your career and ambitions
  • ‘Life’ is your health and well-being, your family and leisure time
  • Your aim is to achieve harmony between the two
  • Achieving a work life balance will in turn reward you both personally, and help you achieve your career ambitions

Work Life Balance and your Health

  • Your immune system will thank you for achieving a work life balance – you should experience a healthier feeling
  • When we are over-worked, worried, or stressed, we start to get over-tired and run-down. This takes an effect on our overall health and well-being, and nobody wants to reach burnout stage.
  • Although occasional work stresses can be usual, it is not healthy to take the stress home with you
  • It is important to adapt an attitude of leaving work stress at work and not taking it home, as this is when your home life will start to suffer
  • To help reduce your work stresses, it is vital to eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and undertake regular relaxation sessions. This includes doing what you enjoy such as reading a book, going to the beach, watching a movie, etc

Work Life Balance and your Relationships

  • Your relationships will also be rewarded when you engage in a work life balance
  • When spending time with your loved ones, whether it is your spouse, children, family or friends, focus should be maintained on ‘life’ activities, rather than work thoughts
  • Your loved ones will appreciate your attention to them

If you’re interested in one of our surveying jobs and would like to work with Land Surveys under a Skilled Migration Australia Visa, contact us today for more information.